Breast ! Women undergoes 12 Surgeries

Guwahati: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, well we all have must heard this statement once in our life. But in today’s world people are more concern about their appearance rather than the inner beauty.

And they are ready to do every possible thing which can make them look more beautiful.  People often do anything from using expensive cosmetics to going for surgeries to look stunning.

Now a days, make-up products and trending dress codes is not enough to present the beautification. Apart from this many people run for cosmetic surgery.  From celebrity to common man, everyone is just running for every possible way which can make them look more attractive.

But the question is, ‘Is the appearance is so important?  That it makes you unaware of your family, friends and your surroundings, what they think? How they feel?

Well, here is a surprising story to tell you about this, how a woman crossed all the limits to make herself look attractive.

A 44-year-old woman Lizzie Wilde, real name Paula Symonds who lives in Miami, Florida, has done 12 operations to get the biggest breast so far.  But even after doing this she did not stop. Wilde wants to make her L cup size breast the biggest breast in the world.

The children of Lizzie are very upset as their mother did this ‘weird’ thing. They are not at all happy with this madness of their mother.  She is also ashamed of this but Lecce is preparing to go for another surgery . This time she wants to increase her breasts to triple M size.

Lacey already has 4 children, Tori, Michael, Brendan and Geneva who are still living with their mother.  Tori had to face embarrassment at school several times because of her mother.  Miss Wilde is not shy from her surgery. According to Miss Wilde, she would be ranked among the top five largest breast models in the world after the Triple M implant.

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