Easy market access for Assam Weavers ensured

Dispur: Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday reviewed the activities and schemes being implemented by the Handloom & Textiles and Sericulture Department with officials of the department.

While reviewing the ongoing schemes and proposed initiatives, the Chief Minister said that women of the state have a core competency in weaving and for strengthening the handloom & textiles sector, the department must adopt a pragmatic approach. He directed to conduct an intense brainstorming for drafting a plan to transform the department into a potent platform for the weavers.

Considering the fact that more than one lakh weavers of the state have Yarn Bank Passbook under which they are entitled to 4.5 kg yarn per month, the Chief Minister stressed supplying quality yarn and asked the department to revisit the Yarn Bank Scheme to maximize the benefit for the weavers.

Sarma said that the weavers have not been able to realize actual benefit as presently there is no forward and backward market linkage for them, the Chief Minister asked the department to take immediate steps for enhancing easy and direct access to the market by the weavers. He also instructed the department to take measures for upgrading the skills of the wavers.

Further, with a view to promoting the handloom products of the state, the Chief Minister directed to revive ARTFED and setting up display counters of handloom products of the state at the Assam Bhawans apart from exhibiting the same at different cities of the country.

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