N Shillong MLA calls for Statehood celebration Boycott

Shillong: MLA of North Shillong, Adelbert Nongrum asked people of the state to ‘totally boycott’ the Golden Jubilee celebration of Meghalaya’s statehood.

MLA said, “We, the people of the state should not be a part of such celebration that led by the government which has failed to tackle many important issues, mainly the interstate boundary dispute with Assam Government.”

“Since 2018, no discussion has been held with Assam to solve this long pending issue. The government even has not shown any interest to bring the people of state out from these issues”, MLA said.

Nongrum added,”Assam continues encroaching into the areas illegally which fall under Meghalaya. Even after the 50 years of statehood our government which is in power since 2018, is doing nothing to prevent it.”

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