Shami Tree and its Beliefs!

Guwahati: Prosopis Cineraria , popularly known as ‘Shami’ Tree in India. It is the national tree of the United Arab Emirates, where it is famous with the name ‘Ghaf’. The tree is generally grown in medium size and ever green, which can grow in harsh climatic conditions. It is appropriate for growing in any sort of soil. Looking for water, the roots of this tree go deep up to 35 mts.

The small leaves bipinnate with 7-15 pamphlets on each of the pinnate. Shami includes nitrogen to the soil, in this manner improving the growth and efficiency of the crop. The branches are slim with conical thrones. The small flowers are pale yellow.

There are some Mythological references of this tree:

To escape from the anger of ‘Bhighu Maharishi’  as stated in Mahabharata, the God of fire- ‘Agni’ covered up within the heart of Shami tree

The tree also represents Goddess Durga.

As per the Mahabharata, When the Pandavas had to spend one year undercover, as a part of their 14 years of indictment, ‘Arjuna’ hide his bow within the Shami tree.

When the Pandavas came back to the tree after one year, Arjuna found his weapons intact. He took the weapon from there and worshipped it, seeking for victory in the battle with Kauravas . And they get the victory over Kauravas, from then its been believed that, those who worship Shami tree are bless with power and victory.

As written in Ramayana, when Lord Rama was walking towards Lanka , the Shami tree is said to have told Lord Rama that he will won the battle. The twig of this tree is used for the sacrificial fire.

And also with the leaves of this tree people worship Lord Ganesha.

The Tree also has many religious beliefs.

Astrology says, worshipping the Shami tree can appease the planet Saturn, they should plant Shami tree in his house.

Shami Bhasma is used to control the effects of Shani, the Saturn.

The impact of Shami tree certainly falls once within the life of each people. Planting Shami tree in the house or around the house maintain a strategic distance from the ill effects of Shami. Mustard light should be lit up under it on Saturday’s.


Not only the plant, the flowers and leaves of this tree are also used to decrease the effect of Saturn. It is also believe that this tree also protect the house from the shadow of Black Magic and negative energy.

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