BSF orders court of inquiry after sniffer dog gets pregnant In Meghalaya

Guwahati: The Border Security Force (BSF) has requested a court of inquiry in order to determine how one of its sniffer dogs stationed at a Border Outpost (BOB) in Shillong of India gave birth to three pups.

The court of inquiry has been instructed to abide by BSF regulations, which say that a BSF dog is not permitted to become pregnant when working in a high-security area and while being constantly watched over and protected by its handlers.

The regulations also state that dogs may only breed when advised to do so by the force’s veterinary division and under its supervision.

”In compliance of station headquarters, BSF Shillong, Ajeet Singh, Deputy Commandant, is hereby detailed to conduct a Summary Court of Inquiry (SCOI) to investigate the circumstances under which dog Lalcy (Female) of 43 Bn delivered three pups at BOP Baghmara on December 5, 2022, at around 10 AM,” the order read.

It is important to note that other key forces, notably the BSF, take extra care with regard to the education, breeding, immunisation, food, and health of search dogs.

The sniffer dogs assigned to BSF camps, BOP, or any other duty are not permitted to leave their handlers’ sight, and their trainers frequently deploy. Their health is also examined frequently at extremely short intervals.

There is a security cordon and no outside canines, such as street dogs, are allowed to enter the camp if they are at BOP or camp.

According to experts, female dogs of the majority of breeds are capable of having two litters per year.

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