Building Built Over Pond Demolished by GMC in Basistha

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Guwahati: A massive eviction drive has been carried by the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) in Basistha area of the Guwahati on Wednesday.

A building belonging to an association was destroyed during the drive because it was allegedly constructed over a pond.

The area experienced artificial flooding after a brief downpour due to the building’s construction.

Interacting with media, an official said, “We sent notices to the concerned persons before demolishing the building. The building is demolished as it was built over a pond which causes artificial flood.”

It should be noted that “Mission Flood-Free Guwahati” was launched in the city of Guwahati where an eviction campaign is currently being carried out.

Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Ashok Singhal had previously stated that an eviction operation would soon be carried out in Guwahati at sites where individuals have trespassed on property near rivers and streams.

The minister had placed the responsibility for the fake flooding and waterlogging that happen every time there is a significant downpour in the city on the residents of Guwahati.

He said, “Various steps have been taken to make the city flood-free including desilting of Bahini River that flows through the southern part of Guwahati and Lakshmi stream.”

The government also adopted a development scheme for the Bharalu River’s guard wall building.

Meanwhile, desisting of drains has begun in various Guwahati locations.

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