Chutia Community Rights: Will a New Law Finally Shield Them from Insults?

Guwahati, 13th September: In a positive and inclusive move, the Assam government is contemplating the introduction of a law in the assembly to safeguard the identity of the Chutia community in the state. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma made this commitment following discussions with various Chutia community organizations addressing their concerns.

The Chutia community has faced derogatory remarks and mockery, primarily due to the similarity between their surname and a commonly-used derogatory term in Hindi. This move aims to address these issues and promote respect for the Chutia community’s identity.

The Chutia community is an ethnic tribe with a rich historical background in Assam. The origin of the name “Chutia” has various theories. One theory suggests it originates from the Assamese word “Chutiya,” meaning “a hill,” indicating their potential migration from hilly regions. Another theory links it to the Tai Ahom word “Chuti,” meaning “lord” or “ruler.” Yet another connects it to the Sanskrit word “Chhatriya,” signifying “warrior” or “kshatriya,” indicating their potential origins as a warrior caste.

This initiative underscores the importance of preserving cultural identities and ensuring that no community faces derogatory treatment or mockery based on their name.

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