CM Sangma terms TMC leader Mukul Sangma as ‘dictator’

Guwahati: National People’s Party (NPP) chief Conrad K Sangma on February 23 issued a strong invitation to supporters of other political parties including the TMC to join NPP.

“It is no point in supporting TMC or any other parties. NPP is set to form the Government. Let us not waste our vote and come out to vote and pledge support for NPP,” he said while addressing a massive crowd at Dadenggre, where he campaigned for his elder brother and party candidate James P.K. Sangma, who is also the incumbent legislator from the constituency. 

Terming TMC leader and former Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma as a dictatorial leader, he said, “He (Mukul) may have joined TMC but he is the same person, who has killed innocent civilians. Garo Hills will never forget the September 30 incident, where nine lives were lost.” 

“Mukul Sangma left Congress, as he thought there was no future in Congress party but he failed to calculate that the people of Garo Hills will never accept a party that is from outside when they have the option to choose a party from its own State,” he added. 

Further accusing Mukul of using force and not initiating dialogue to resolve issues and conflict, Conrad said NPP believes in carrying forward the views of the people. “We will never do anything that is against the aspiration of the people. NPP as a party always stands to protect and safeguard the interest of our people,” he said. 

He claimed that over the previous five years, the government had faced numerous challenges and that there were times when civil organisations had to demonstrate against it. However, he claimed that instead of resorting to force, the government had always tried to negotiate with the protesting groups.

Conrad commended the residents of the Dadenggre constituency for placing their trust in him, describing his brother James Sangma as a dedicated leader who has worked not just for his constituency but also for the entire State.

He also gave a brief update on the construction of the Rongram- Dadenngre-and-Phulbari road, which James Sangma has started at a cost of more than Rs. 80 crore and which has been long ignored.

He also assured the crowd that the government would give top priority to the public demand for the construction of a new district with Dadenggre as its capital if they were elected to power.

Speaking on the occasion, James Sangma thanked the people of Dadenggre for turning up in large numbers to welcome NPP national president Conrad K Sangma. 

He also expressed gratitude to Conrad for his concerns for the constituency by ensuring a number of development measures in the region.

Soradini K Sangma, the mother of Conrad and James Sangma, gave the speech that became the rally’s high point. Soradini K Sangma, the wife of Purno A Sangma, urged the residents of Dadenggre to support her son in the election. She told the group that the residents of Garo Hills had done so much for her late husband’s family that he had given his children the responsibility of working for the residents of Garo Hills.

At Williamnagar, the NPP leader claimed that the current lawmaker Marcuise Marak had helped turn around the town by starting and cooperating with the government on a number of development projects.

A new college building is being built, as well as the Williamnagar Water Supply Project, among other current construction and road repair projects in the town, according to him.

“Previous Govt did not give any support to Williamnagar College but NPP led Govt sanctioned Rs. 12 cr to ensure completion of the new college building,” he said.  

He added that despite numerous difficulties, NPP prioritised addressing the needs of the populace in order to assure development and growth.

“We were ridiculed by our opposition but we have remained steadfast and focused on our works. We were not distracted from noise created by the opposition but kept people’s welfare first and work to achieve it,” he said. 

He further castigated the previous Government for the use of guns and force to scare people. “Civil bodies and groups continue to protest to show their anger against Govt but we as Govt have not resorted to using force to oppose them. We believe in engaging dialogue with protesting organisations rather than using guns and force,” he reiterated. 

“We as a Govt respect the sentiment of the people and have decided on occasion as per the popular aspiration of our citizens. We believe in seeking public opinion in the decision we take,” he asserted.

Later, he spoke to supporters of party candidate and former power minister A T Mondal at a rally in Phulbari.

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