Congress Ahead Of Meghalaya Polls promises free electricity to BPL families

Guwahati: Meghalaya’s opposition Congress party on Saturday pledged to provide 200 free electricity units to every household that falls below the poverty line (BPL) if the party were to win the election.

However, the party offered free medical services and a minimum support price for agricultural items such black pepper, ginger, turmeric, and broomstick.

Senior party leader Jairam Ramesh stated in the manifesto for the February 27 Assembly elections that the BJP was a threat to Meghalaya’s cultural and independent identity.

The Congress spokesperson claimed that the commitment to offering free education to all Meghalayan girls from Kindergarten to Class 12 in the party’s manifesto will go a long way towards empowering girls to realise their goals and objectives.

Moreover, Congress has pledged to supply high-quality roofing supplies to every household that falls below the poverty level.

“Around Rs 500 crore would be provided as corpus funds for building infrastructure for religious gatherings,” Ramesh said referring to the manifesto.

The party suggested establishing a university that would offer courses in demand by the market.

The Congress also pledged to create a Special Urban Police Force that would be humane and outfitted with cutting-edge technology to handle crimes that occurred in cities, give each BPL household a free LPG cylinder every quarter, and create one job for each household in Meghalaya by encouraging mass entrepreneurship.

“Fourth Pillar of our democracy has been neglected. We would reverse that trend. Substantial pensionary and other benefits would be provided to all accredited journalists, who have attained pensionable age.”

The party would restore the dignity of all teachers in Meghalaya, according to the manifesto, and there would be no more salary delays.

“Our teachers do not have to resort to any agitations or protests for their legitimate demands. We respect you and your profession and your justified demands would be fulfilled because we respect the dignity of your profession and acknowledge your selfless service,” the Congress manifesto said referring to the suffering of the teachers in Meghalaya.

The Congress also pledged to establish a market exclusively for women, where goods bearing the label “Proudly Made in Meghalaya” will be advertised and sold.

Further, it suggested using clean and green technology to provide an extra 500 MW to the state’s power supply.

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