ECI instructs the CEO of Tripura to hold polls without violence

Guwahati: The chief electoral officer of the state, Kiran Gitte, has been ordered by the Election Commission of India (ECI) to hold the 2023 assembly elections without any violence and has been advised to take all preventive steps to ensure free and fair elections.

The Election Commission of India held a review meeting in the commission’s Sukumar Sen Hall on December 14 to assess the state’s election readiness.

India’s Chief Election Commissioner In the presence of Arun Goel, the Senior Deputy Chief Election Commissioner, Nitesh Vyas, and other top Officials, Rajiv Kumar presided over the conference. The conference was attended by the Tripura Chief Electoral Officer, Kiran Gitte, as well as the Additional Chief Electoral Officers, Usa Jen Mog and Subhasis Bandopadhayay.

According to the Draft Electoral Roll published on November 9, 2022, there are 2733891 registered voters in the state, of which 1380181 are male voters, 1353664 are female voters, and 46 are third genders.

He also mentioned that there are 3328 polling places in the entire state.

The gender ratio in Tripura is 981, whereas the elector population ratio is 655. In general elections in 2018, 89.38 percent of ballots were cast.

According to a press release from the CEO Tripura’s office, the meeting’s purpose was to assess the general level of readiness for the upcoming general election for the Tripura Legislative Assembly in 2023.

The Tripura officials were told to concentrate on four important points by the chief election commissioner.

The Tripura voter list must be accurate, complete, and up-to-date, according to CEC Arun Goel’s directive.

“Artificial intelligence has been used for identification of Photo Similar Entries/ Demographically Similar Entries and shared with all Electoral Registration Officers to resolve the issue. All new voters of 18-19 ages shall be included in the voter list before 5th Jan 2023”, he said.

Additionally, he stated that poll workers must receive adequate and high-quality training in how to properly handle EVMs and VVPATs in addition to rigorously adhering to the Election Commission of India’s instructions.

The CEO was additionally instructed by the Chief Election Commissioner that there should be no violence during the voting period and that all precautions should be taken to ensure free and fair elections.

“All the marginalized groups such as Bru-migrants, Persons with a disability, third gender, women voters, 80 years plus voters should be facilitated properly. To oversee the preparedness, several teams of the Election Commission of India shall visit Tripura starting from 20th December over two month period”, the press release added.

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