SC Dismisses Review Plea of 11 Convicts In Bilkis Bano Case

Guwahati: The Gujarat government was urged to consider the request for the remission of 11 convicts in a gangrape case under 1992 policy, but the Supreme Court rejected Bilkis Bano’s request for a review of that order.

Bano’s request for a review of the Supreme Court’s May decision, which maintained that remission of the offenders should be considered in accordance with the policy in place at the time of conviction, was rejected by a panel of judges led by Justice Ajay Rastogi, ANI reported.

“I am directed to inform you that the review petition above mentioned filed in Supreme Court was dismissed by the court on December 13, 2022,” read a communication sent to Bano’s counsel Shobha Gupta by the Supreme Court’s assistant registrar.

According to protocol, review petitions against rulings by the highest courts are decided in chambers by the judges who participated in the ruling under review.

She has filed a review petition in opposition to the Supreme Court’s May decision allowing Gujarat to implement the 1992 remission Rules that were in effect in the State where the crime was actually committed. According to the article, the case’s trial was held in Maharashtra.

In addition to submitting a review petition, Bano also pleaded against the early release of 11 criminal defendants who had gang-raped and killed Bano’s family members during the 2002 Godhra riots.

Bilkis said that she was unaware of any attempt at remission or early release even though she was the victim of the crime.

According to the argument, Gujarat’s remission order utterly disregards the provisions of the law as they have been constantly stated.

Prior to this, some PILs had been submitted asking for instructions to withdraw the remission given to 11 inmates.

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