Fight breaks out between doctors & patients at Silchar Medical College; Case Filed

Guwahati: Silchar Medical College turned to a war zone following a fight between medical personnel and a patient on Friday.

It has been claimed that the physicians began assaulting them when the patient and his mother complained that the hospital was unhygienic.

The incidence took place when a son accompanied his mother to the hospital for treatment.

According to the family, the doctors allegedly attacked the family members and took their phones.

According to doctors, the family members initiated the altercation and were only carrying out their responsibilities at the time.

The police were notified shortly after the incident, and they removed the mother and her soon from the hospital.

Meanwhile, a case has been filed against the family members for assaulting the medical professionals.

“I brought my mother here and showed all the old documents of our previous medical investigation. While they were taking out blood from my mother’s vein, I said that this is an unhygienic hospital and don’t want to do further treatment here. Soon after that they started beating me and my mother,” the patient’s son said while speaking to reporters. 

“The boy came with his mother and after medical investigation we found that his mother is a cardio patient and we told him that he needs to see a cardiologist for his mother. He then said that the hospital is unhygienic and he won’t do the treatment here. We were even okay with that. But, soon after that he started clicking photographs of doctors and nurses and when one of our doctor resisted saying he cannot click pictures without his permission, the mother and the son duo strated beating a doctor on duty. This is how the scuffle started,” a doctor who was in the hospital said.

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