Fire In Commercial Hub Razes 2 Shops In Assam

Guwahati: The largest commercial hub of Karimganj in Assam was just about saved after a major fire broke out on Friday.

The city’s major commercial centre is located on Madan Mohan Akhra Road in Karimganj, where the fire reportedly started.

The significant fire that started today destroyed at least two commercial buildings in the market area.

According to reports, Nirmal Dutta and Benu Deb owned the destroyed stores.

Benu Deb owned a tea shop from which the erupted, it has since been revealed. Officials believe that a cylinder explosion in the tea shop caused the flames to ignite.

However, with swift action from the city’s fire department, the fire was brought under control promptly, preventing the fire to spread to other establishments.

Two fire fighters were dispatched to the area right away, and they were successful in dousing the flames.

Moreover, no losses of lives or injuries have been reported from the incident so far.

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