Five Died In 5.1 Quake In Indonesia

Guwahati: At least four persons died following the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that jolted the Indonesian province of Papua’s capital.

“The 5.1-magnitude quake hit around 1.28 pm (0628 GMT) on land just southwest of Jayapura city at a depth of 22 kilometres,” the US Geological Survey said.

Asep Khalid, the chief of the Jayapura Disaster Mitigation Agency, spoke about the tragedy in a news statement, stating that a cafe collapsed and fell into the water, killing four people.

According to a statement from Asep, the four dead were inside a cafe when the structure collapsed due to the earthquake. He continued that residents were shaken for two to three seconds and were terrified.

Unverified video posted on social media shows a building by the harbour collapsing into the water and a local hospital and mall suffering minor damage.

Residents in Jayapura said people scrambled for safety, running from houses and shops when the quake struck, according to the Jakarta Post.

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