JP Nadda: After 2018 left wing extremism, insurgency and corruption came to an end

Guwahati: BJP National President JP Nadda on Thursday said that Tripura has become the gateway to growth, peace, harmony, progress, and prosperity since 2018.

While addressing a Vijay Sanmkalp Rally in Khayerpur of Agartala, Nadda said, “2018 also became a welcome door for development, peace and harmony, and for realising a Samrudhh and Unnat Tripura. The Left-wing extremism, insurgency and corruption and crimes and political violence have been ended after 2018. We had promised the same, and the results are before you all”.

However, he asserted that Tripura eliminated the CPM levy norm that was in place prior to 2018.

“After which Tripura became the welcome gate of development, peace, harmony, progress, progress and prosperity. No one can be certain about the promises made by any party and whether those will be fulfilled or not. But you all can believe me in my promises because whatever I had promised five years ago has been delivered”, he said.

Nadda claimed that the promise made by PM Modi to build pucca houses for everyone had benefited the people of Tripura, and I’m delighted to report that our core committee meeting was held on the terrace of a PM Awas Yojana home. More than 3.5 lakh homes have been built in Tripura alone.

 “The BJP government is dedicated to the village, the poor, the deprived, the exploited, the farmer, the youth, the woman, and therefore we have decided to provide three meals a day at Rs.5 per mile under ‘Anukol Chandra Canteen’. I also want to inform that under Mukhyamantri Kanya Aatmanirbhar Yojana, we will be providing free two-wheelers for girls. I see a lot of our mothers and sisters here and I am happy to announce that we have decided to provide a bond of Rs 50,000 for a newborn girl child of an economically poor family. In ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’ I see that Tripura has decided ‘Ek Baar BJP Baar Baar BJP’”, he added.

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