Guwahati: Bangladesh’s Assistant High Commissioner Meets with ICCI

Guwahati: The Hon’ble Assistant High Commissioner and Head of Mission for Bangladesh, Mr. Ruhul Amin, met with representatives of the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Assam, M/S Utpal Hazarika, Anup Chetia, Biswajit Hazarika, Pallab Bhattachharya, and Dilip Sarma in his Guwahati office to discuss opportunities and potential for bilateral trade exchange.

It was agreed upon by all parties that trade promotion would not only benefit both parties economically but would also greatly aid in fostering good neighbourly relations by fostering cultural interaction.

The popularity of Bishnu Prasad Rabha among the Bangla people was used by the Assistant High Commissioner to emphasise the friendly relationship that existed previously. He pledged his support and initiative to foster friendly relationships and mentioned that the NE area has a lot of potential for both general and medical tourism, as well as ready-made clothing, Hilsa fish, high quality seeds, fish seeds, and fingerlings that can be imported from Bangladesh.

NE has the potential to become the source for natural fabric of different silks as Bangladesh overtakes China as the largest exporter of ready-made clothing to the European market. The NE area of India and Bangladesh will benefit from these trade exchanges by having lower transportation costs and increasing market competitiveness.

However, it was stated that in order to eliminate border transshipment, excellent land connectivity through a number of corridors, including Karimganj, Dhubri, Dawki, and Dalu, needs to be established with provisions for trans-border permits for vehicles.

The Honorable Asst. High Commissioner announced that he is assuming the lead on these issues and promised the ICCI representatives that he would continue to offer support and direction in the future. The Hon’ble Asst. High Commissioner was thanked by ICCI for the conversation and his assurance of assistance.

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