Guwahati: Kamrup (M) Administration Issues Guidelines to App-Based Taxi Services

Guwahati: The Kamrup (M) district administration has issued specific recommendations for cab drivers after a meeting was held between top administration officials and drivers of Ola, Uber, Rapido, and other taxi services. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Commissioner Pallav Gopal Jha on Wednesday (June 1).

The guidelines issued by the administration are as follows:

  • From now onwards, the administration makes uniforms compulsory for cab drivers while driving a car.
  • Passengers must display their destination and fare as soon as they board the vehicle.
  • Four-wheelers must be operated with AC.
  • Cab drivers cannot cancel a trip as per their choice.
  • Each organization must have a local office in the city.
  • Nodal officers should be deployed in the local office.
  • Taxi Aggregators like Ola, Rapido, Uber, PeIndia cab must have a telephone number for ease of communication
  • Drivers and Companies of all the cab operators must sort out their internal issues, and complaints soon
  • Taxi Aggregators will have to provide both online and offline facilities to passengers for paying the fares

The Assam Transport Department released a helpline number last Saturday in response to customer concerns against Rapido, Ola, and Uber. Customers can use this number to report any unfair practises and infringement of consumer rights.

Customers can contact this hotline number if they have any complaints concerning the above-mentioned claims: 95311-07482.

An App-based cab driver was embroiled in controversy after one of its drivers allegedly assaulted a passenger named Mohd Abuzar Choudhary with a rod and referred to him as a Bangladeshi on Saturday.

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