Guwahati Police Commissioner: Police recovered body parts of Bandana Kalita’s mother-in-law from Cherrapunji town

Guwahati: Guwahati Police Commissioner Diganta Borah on February 20 said that the body parts of Bandana Kalita’s husband and mother-in-law were disposed of in Meghalaya’s Cherrapunji town.

Borah said this while speaking during a press conference on February 20 where he also briefed media persons on the matter.

”Banda Kalita disposed of the body in Cherrapunji and during the investigation confessed to her crime,” he added.

He added that the body of Bandana Kalita’s husband, who she and her mother-in-law killed in the city’s Noonmati locality, has not yet been found by the police.

He added that three persons had been arrested in connection with the murder investigation because Bandana Kalita, the accused, and her two accomplices Arup and Dhanjit Deka were all arrested by Noonmati Police.

”Three have been arrested in the case. We have recovered the body parts of the mother-in-law, however, the body parts of the husband are yet to recover by the police,” he added. 

According to Borah, who briefed the media on the situation, Bandana killed her husband Amarjyoti Dey and mother-in-law Shankari Day with the assistance of her partner and a friend and then cut their bodies into numerous pieces before leaving the rental house in Noonmati where she was living with her deceased husband.

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