Guwahati Police to take strict against violators during New Year

Guwahati: The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) in Guwahati, Hiranya Kumar Barman issued a warning to the public on Thursday against driving while intoxicated as the year-end celebrations begin.

Addressing a press conference ahead of December 31, which usually witnesses a spike in road accidents mostly due to drunk driving with party goers flouting all norms and regulations, the DCP of Guwahati Police made the remarks.

DCP Barman asked people to avoid hasty driving in order to reduce drunk driving and traffic accidents.

He said, “I urge the people of Guwahati to adhere to road rules and wear seatbelts while driving. There have been 375 cases of driving under the influence of alcohol registered between December 20 to 24 itself.”

Moreover, DCP Barman also issued several advisories ahead of the New Year. He said, “There should be sufficient lighting in shopping malls, bars and hotels. Hotel and restaurant owners will have to ensure CCTV coverage of inside premises as well as at their parking lots.”

In addition, the top traffic cop said, “Sale of alcohol at picnic spots is strictly prohibited.”

He continued by advising families with many automobiles to just bring one to picnic sites in order to lessen traffic congestion.

DCP Barman asked commuters to adhere to lane driving rules as additional precautions to guarantee the least amount of traffic bottlenecks.

During his address to the media, he also added that the camera challan system of the traffic signal lights would start very soon.

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