Guwahati: Prime Suspect Detained in Six-Mile Woman Death Case; CCTV Footage Key to Apprehension

Guwahati, 20th November: In a significant development, police detain the prime suspect, Mani Khan, in the case of Anju Dorjee’s tragic death in a Guwahati apartment. Anju Dorjee’s lifeless body was discovered on November 12, prompting a search for her live-in partner, Khan, who had been evading authorities.

After an extensive search operation, Guwahati’s Dispur Police apprehended Khan on the night of November 19. Preliminary reports reveal that CCTV footage played a pivotal role in tracing his whereabouts. The footage was meticulously reviewed by officials, who initially found no clues regarding the perpetrator’s identity.

Guwahati Police Commissioner, Diganta Barah, along with other senior officials, convened at Hatigaon Police Station late last night. The victim, Anju Dorjee, aged 25 to 26 and originally from Bokajan in Assam, was found dead in the apartment she shared with Khan.

The case unfolded when the landlord detected a foul odor emanating from the rented flat, triggering police involvement. Despite initial reports indicating a lack of CCTV evidence concerning Khan’s movements, the recent apprehension suggests a breakthrough in the investigation. The body of Anju Dorjee has been sent for post-mortem examination as authorities delve deeper into this tragic incident.

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