Guwahati: Speeding Dumper Crashes into Residence in Silsako

Guwahati, 24th February: In a shocking incident, a speeding dumper truck plowed into the bedroom of Kathmapi Pran Raksha Pitambar Sharma’s family in North Guwahati’s Silsako on February 24.

The incident occurred while the entire family was asleep, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

The impact of the speeding dumper not only shattered the tranquility of the household but also brought down electric poles and a massive tree into the bedroom, exacerbating the devastation.

Immediate action from neighbors proved crucial as they swiftly responded, extracting survivors from the debris and providing immediate assistance.

In the wake of the incident, the locals of the area protested, blocking the dumper trucks to denounce the terror they pose on the roads.

This incident underscores the urgent need for heightened road safety measures and stricter enforcement to prevent such catastrophic accidents from recurring.

As investigations unfold into the circumstances surrounding the incident, the community mourns the loss and stands in solidarity with the Sharma family during this difficult time.

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