Assam: Train Services Altered Due to Infrastructure Development in Rangiya Division, check full list here

Guwahati, 24th February: The Rangiya division, part of the North Eastern Frontier Railway, has announced the cancellation and diversion of several train services to facilitate infrastructure developmental works. These measures are necessary for pre-non-interlocking and non-interlocking activities at Chaygaon, as well as for CRS inspection aimed at commissioning the double line between Bamunigaon and Chaygaon under the Rangiya division.

Cancellation of Train Services:

Several train services will be cancelled during specific periods:

  • Train no. 05020 (Guwahati – Mendipathar Passenger) Special,
  • Train no. 15602 (Guwahati – Dhubri) Express,
  • Train no. 15753/15754 (Alipurduar Jn. – Guwahati – Alipurduar Jn.) Sifhung Express from 24th to 29th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 05803/05804 (New Bongaigaon – Guwahati – New Bongaigaon) Passenger Special from 25th to 29th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 05019 (Mendipathar – Guwahati) Passenger Special,
  • Train no. 15601 (Dhubri – Guwahati) Express from 25th February to 01st March, 2024,
  • Train no. 05922 (New Tinsukia – Dhubri) Special on 25th and 27th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 05608 (Guwahati – Mendipathar) Passenger and Train no. 05921 (Dhubri – New Tinsukia) Special on 26th and 28th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 05607 (Mendipathar – Guwahati) Passenger on 27th and 29th February, 2024.

Diverted Routes:

Certain trains will be diverted via alternate routes to accommodate the ongoing works:

  • Train no. 12346 (Guwahati – Howrah) Saraighat Express from 25th to 29th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 15668 (Kamakhya – Gandhidham) Express on 28th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 15655 (Kamakhya – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra) Express on 25th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 12345 (Howrah – Guwahati) Saraighat Express from 25th to 29th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 12503 (SMVT Bengaluru – Agartala) Express on 23rd February, 2024,
  • Train no. 15619 (Gaya – Kamakhya) Express on 27th February, 2024,
  • Train no. 15078 (Gomti Nagar – Kamakhya) Express and Train no. 07030 (Secunderabad – Agartala) Special on 26th February, 2024.

These adjustments are vital for ensuring the safety and efficiency of railway operations amidst ongoing infrastructure enhancements in the Rangiya division.

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