Haryana Gurudwara Priest commits suicide in support of farmers

Haryana Gurudwara Priest Baba Ram Singh died after shooting himself on Wednesday Afternoon at the Delhi-Haryana Border in Singhu, where he reached on Tuesday Evening to join the farmers protest from Punjab and Haryana against Three Farm Laws passed in the Monsoon Session of Parliament. He was 65. Singh, in a suicide note said that he wanted to expose the “cruelty of the government”. In a handwritten note in Punjabi, he said: “Farmers are in pain, they are protesting on the roads for their rights. The government is not giving them justice, which is cruel. It is a sin to endure persecution and also a sin to oppress. Some have stood for farmer rights and against cruelty. People have returned their awards to show protest. I am sacrificing myself,” the suicide note which was seen by Hindustan Times.

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