Incessant Heavy Rainfall Paralyzes Life in Manipur, Flooding and Mudslide Cause Widespread Disruptions

Northeast Desk, 28th May: Incessant heavy rainfall on May 28 has led to widespread flooding, traffic disruptions, and a significant mudslide in various districts of Manipur, severely impacting normal life. Key roads and areas in Imphal East and West districts, as well as Kangpokpi and Senapati districts, have been inundated, causing chaos and inconvenience to residents. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported so far.

The heavy downpour has resulted in extensive waterlogging and clogged drains in multiple areas of Imphal East district, including Andro Parking, Checkon, Mahabali, and Wangkhei, disrupting traffic movement. Major roads in Kakwa, Imphal West district, were similarly submerged, further complicating transportation.

Officials have confirmed that there have been no fatalities or injuries due to the heavy rainfall. However, a mudslide near Sinam village in Kangpokpi district, along the NH 37 Imphal-Silchar highway, has caused a truck to be swept into a gorge. Several other trucks remain stranded as excavators work tirelessly to clear the debris.

In Senapati district, multiple rivers are overflowing, leading to floodwaters inundating several localities. The situation is further exacerbated by swollen rivers in the Imphal valley, including the Imphal river, due to the relentless rainfall.

The downpour has paralyzed normal life in Manipur, with residents facing significant challenges in commuting and accessing essential services. Authorities continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary assistance to affected areas.

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For more updates, stay tuned to local news channels and official advisories from the Manipur State Government.

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