Income Tax department conducts raid in Guwahati along with other parts of Northeast and Target Business Tycoon Adarsh Jhunjhunwala’s Enterprises

Guwahati, 28th February: The Income Tax department launched raids across multiple locations in the Northeast, targeting renowned businessman Adarsh Jhunjhunwala, who owns a conglomerate of 12 companies, including the prominent Best Cement.

The raids spanned various offices situated in Athgaon, Ulubari, and ABC in Guwahati, as well as operations in Shillong, Barnihat, Nongpur, and several locations in Upper Assam.

Adarsh Jhunjhunwala, a prominent figure in the business community, faces allegations of tax evasion amounting to crores of rupees. The Income Tax department mobilized substantial teams to probe the alleged financial discrepancies.

The investigation delved into specific details concerning the 12 companies owned by Jhunjhunwala, notably Best Cement. The raids targeted the Best Cement office on the fourth floor of Anil Plaza in Guwahati, intensifying scrutiny on financial transactions.

A dedicated 10-member team from the Income Tax department meticulously conducted the raid at Anil Plaza, owned by Adarsh Jhunjhunwala. The operation aimed to gather comprehensive information on financial transactions and potential tax irregularities associated with Jhunjhunwala’s business ventures.

The investigation, spearheaded by the Income Tax department, underscores the commitment to uphold the integrity of the tax system and hold individuals accountable for any potential financial misconduct.

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