Jinping visits Tibetan town near Arunachal border

Beijing: A report by the Chinese media on Friday stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tibet’s Nyingchi which is a border town near Arunachal Pradesh. The visit has been claimed to be one of the first visits to Tibet by a president in years.

Jinping visited the area through air and was greeted by the locals and officials at the Nyingchi Mainling Airport. It was reported the Jinping is the first leader from China to visit the town.

He visited the Nyang River Bridge and further inspected the ecological preservation “in the basin of the Brahmaputra river”. This is called Yarlung Zangbo in Tibetan.

The visit to the town has been significant as China claims Arunachal Pradesh to be a part of Southern Tibet. This claim is rejected by India. Further due to this claim by the Chinese parts, there has been a border dispute between India and China which is covered on the Line of Actual Control spread in a range of 3488 Kilometres.

The Chinese president visited the town at a time when there are ongoing tensions between the Indian and Chinese forces at the Eastern Ladakh region.

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