Kundra suspected to be betting on Cricket

Guwahati: After Raj Kundra being accused of the porn racket, he was again found to be allegedly involved in cricket betting.

An investigation by the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police found transactions from Kundra through a company named Mercury International on betting related to cricket matches. The company had direct transactions with Kundra’s bank account which has been suspected to be linked with a cricket betting racket.

As of now, there are several angles on the case related to Kundra being investigated. However, his wife, Shilpa Shetty claimed that she does not have any connection with the Hotshot App which Kundra had used to circulate the alleged erotic clips.

She also claimed that the app belonged to Kundra’s brother-in-law, Pradeep Bakshi. Shetty also claimed that Kundra is innocent as the videos were “erotic videos” and not porn. “Both of these contents are different from one another”, she added.

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