Man Arrested After Singer Deeplina Deka Being Mentally Harassed

Guwahati: The Chandmari police detained a man on Friday night for mentally harassing popular Assamese singer and actress Deeplina Deka.

According to reports, the man has been identified as Mridul Nath of Bhangagarh.

The man reportedly made an effort to enter Deeplina’s home on Friday night, producing a disturbance that prompted the singer to phone the police and report the offender.

Reportedly, the man has been torturing Deeplina emotionally over the phone for a while. The identified man had previously attempted to meet Deeplina and wanted to engage with her in an intimate conversation.

The man added that he had married the singer two years prior.

Speaking to the reporters, Deeplina said, “The man identified as Mridul Nath has been trying to meet me from the last one month. He used to call my manager, and once a heated conversation took place over the phone. And it didn’t end there; the man went to my house even though he knew I wasn’t there.

“In addition, he used to send me explicit messages, which I cannot disclose in front of everyone. The man had already made two or three visits to my home. And today, he came to my house twice, the first time at five in the morning and the second time at five in the evening, both times causing an unwelcome scene that compelled me to complain about him.”

It needs to be mentioned that the accused is currently being interrogated by the Chandmari police.

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