Man thought to be Dead in train mishap, found Alive

Guwahati: A 38 year old man who was declared dead 11 years ago, was found to be alive by the CBI in 2021.

The man named Amritavan Choudhury 38 years old who was declared dead in the Jnanseswari Train accident in West Bengal in 2010 has been found alive after 11 years.

The man was 27 years old at the time of the accident and was from Jorabagan in North Kolkata. The accident was one of the most dreadful accidents and had Maoist involvement.

The accident took place in Sardiha in Jhargram where the Jnanseswari Express derailed and had a head on collision with a goods train where 148 passengers were reported dead.

At the time of the accident, the person was declared dead and on this basis the compensation job was also given to one of his family member.
When the matter came to limelight, the CBI called the man’s sister (who got the job in the name of compensation) and his father for questioning. As earlier Choudhury’s father told that his son was dead in that accident and DNA sample were also tested.

Apart from the compensation the man’s sister got the job in the signal department in the Eastern Railway.
But recently, there were inputs with the authorities that the man was alive and the matter was then taken up by the CBI.

As of now there are evidences that the man is still alive and further investigations related to the entire scenario are being investigated.
(Further details to be updated)

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