Nagaland Assembly Elections 2023: 2 kidnapped from NPF candidate’s residence, vehicle torched

Guwahati: Two people were kidnapped from the residence of a Naga People’s Front (NPF) candidate and a vehicle was set ablaze on February 21 in the Mon district of election-bound Nagaland.

According to a police official, the kidnappers later released one of the victims as a rescue mission was underway for the other.

“There was an incident of two persons being taken away from the residence of the Naga Peoples Front (NPF) candidate from Tizit assembly constituency last night,” Mon superintendent of police T Uniel Kichu told media. 

The two persons were not party members although they were staying at the NPF candidate’s residence. A vehicle was also torched in the same area where the kidnapping took place, he said. 

“We have registered a case and are hopeful of making some arrests soon,” the police officer said. 

On the other hand, from the date of the announcement of the general election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 until February 19 2023, a total of Rs 45,15,99,170 in money was progressively seized by the various enforcement agencies, both Central and state.

The specifics of the numerous things confiscated are as follows: cash totaling Rs. 4,81,9105; alcohol worth Rs. 4,65,41,810; narcotics worth Rs. 31,30,84,530; freebies worth Rs. 4,37,80,090; and precious metals valued Rs. 1,665.

50 seats in the Assembly will be up for election in Nagaland on February 27 and the votes will be counted on March 2.

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