Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien: Around 36% of TMC MPs are women

Guwahati: Member of Parliament and Leader of AITC Parliamentary Party Derek O’Brien encouraged students to work hard to attain their goals while meeting with hundreds of students at Don Bosco College in Tura on February 21.

While sharing his success mantra, the Rajya Sabha MP said, “You need to experience one essential thing to become successful in life. It is – failure. You should be aware of failures and learn to celebrate them in life.”

The Rajya Sabha MP has been actively campaigning for the Meghalaya TMC candidates in various parts of the state. Talking about his campaign journey, he said, “For the past six weeks, I have been going to different constituencies and campaigning for the Meghalaya TMC candidates. Today, I have come here to draw energy by conversing with the young and vibrant students.” 

Highlighting the unparalleled power of women in all spheres, MP Derek O’Brien said, “Around 36 per cent of TMC MPs are women. No party in India has achieved this remarkable feat. Today, you are young girls, but tomorrow you will be the leaders.”

Mahua Moitra, a member of the All India Trinamool Party for the Lok Sabha, spoke at rallies in the Phulbari and South Tura constituencies on February 20 and advised people not to fall for the NPP-trap. BJP’s

Moitra urged the crowd to exercise caution around the BJP-NPP since their accusations of one another are merely political ploys at a rally in South Tura.

While taking a jibe at NPP and BJP, Moitra said, “They were all together – the BJP and NPP. Today, Conrad might say, that Amit Shah is very bad, and then Amit Shah might say that Conrad Sangma is very bad. But as soon as the election gets over, they will become brothers again. I urge people not to fall in their trap”.

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