Over 800 people who travelled by Air found COVID positive

More than 800 Passengers who travelled by Air found covid positive since the flight operations re-started , However, there was no such proof to whether they got the virus inside the aircraft. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation Usha Padhi on Wednesday said that after the domestic flight operations were re-started on May 25, around 27 lakh passengers have travelled since then, and out of these 27 lakh, around 800 have been found to be Covid positive.

She also said that 800 out of 27 lakh is a less number, and added that all of those who were found to be infected post air travel, the people who have come into their contact, the fellow passengers, all information has been collected with regard to them. The ones sitting next to them and besides them, everyones information has been collected and so far no one has been found to be Covid positive amongst those people.

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