People Express Concern Over Meghalaya BJP Hoardings Placed Near Disputed Boko and Neighbouring State

Guwahati: The state BJP has started placing advertising hoardings in several locations in the Boko revenue circle area, which is located in Kamrup District of Assam, just prior to the Meghalaya state Assembly election in 2023.

Following this, a few local intellectuals questioned the Meghalaya BJP Party’s involvement in this kind of activity.

It should be noted that numerous places are being mapped as contested areas between Meghalaya state and the Boko revenue circle.

The intellectuals brought up the issue with Boko Circle Officer Dibash Bordoloi, who gave them the assurance that he would notify higher authorities and that no action would be taken until then.

He further stated that numerous stores in the Singra and Boko market area have these hoardings hanging on them. While they might not do this if all of the local store owners were denied permission to hang the hoardings.

When questioned about the same, shopkeepers responded that they were unaware of the content of the hoardings but had seen the images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and other world leaders.

It should be noted that in the photo hoarding India’s PM Narendra Modi, India BJP President J P Nadda and Meghalaya BJP President Earnest Mawrie are there and wrote there “Modi For Development, BJP For Meghalaya” also wrote there “ missed call 8360006060 dao join”. 

In response to the incident, BJP Boko Block President Ashwini Pathak stated that they had already spoken with district president Dhaneswar Talukdar about the matter.

However, Talukdar said that he had already informed BJP authorities in Meghalaya. Officials from the Meghalaya BJP responded that it had happened accidentally.

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