PM Modi to give 1.06 lakh land allotment certificates during his visit to Sivasagar

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Jerenga Pathar in Sivasagar on January 23 to distribute 1.06 lakh Land Pattas/Allotment Certificates. “Taking into Account an urgent need to protect the Land Rights of indigenous People of the State, Government of Assam came out with a comprehensive New Land Policy with a renewed emphasis on protecting the Land rights of the indigenous People,” an Official release from the Prime Minister’s office said. The issuance of Patta/allotment Certificates for indigenous.

In a natural process and we don’t need a Prime Minister to carry out this regular Administrative exercise, which otherwise is done by a Mandal or a Circle Officer. The BJP has launched a propaganda of Patta allotment to divert Public attention. In reality, the present Government has miserably failed in securing Land rights of the indigenous People and no amount of propaganda can cover up this fact,” AJP president Lurinjyoti Gogoi said.

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