PM Modi’s Attire: Assam CM Slams Kirti Azad For Insulting Meghalayan Culture

Guwahati: The chief minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma criticised Trinamool Congress leader Kirti Azad for his remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dress during a public event in Meghalaya.

The chief minister of Assam charged Azad with “disrespecting” Meghalayan culture and “mocking” the tribal attire.

“It is saddening to see how @KirtiAzaad is disrespecting the culture of Meghalaya and mocking our tribal attire. TMC must urgently clarify if they endorse his views. Their silence will amount to tacit support and thus will not be forgiven by the people,” the Assam CM tweeted.

Earlier, Azad shared a photo of Prime Minister Modi dressed in a traditional tribal attire of Meghalaya and made a comparison between it and a woman’s outfit.

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