Ranjit Bora Murder Case: Shah Alam Talukdar tries to kill self at police station

Guwahati: In a shocking incident, the prime accused in Ranjt Bora murder case in Guwahati allegedly attempted suicide in police custody on Friday.

Shah Alam Talukdar, the prime accused in the murder of businessman Ranjit Bora of Guwahati was arrested by Dispur Police and afterwards taken into custody for questioning.

He was being kept inside lockup at the police station where he made an attempt to take his own life this morning.

Talukdar allegedly tried to cut his hand with the broken portion of a toilet cup after breaking it. However, he was found by the police in a bloodied condition, who rushed him for medical attention.

Shah Alam Talukdar was taken into jail by Dispur Police earlier that day on February 6 for a week. He was the leader of the six-member gang who had planned and plotted the murder of the Guwahati-based businessman.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been established to look into Ranjit Bora’s slaying. The Guwahati police continued extensive search drives to nab all accused.

The criminals were allegedly closely monitoring Bora’s daily schedule for at least three weeks before to his death, according to the police. The six-person group was accused by the authorities of committing numerous horrifying crimes in the past.

On February 5, a number of details pertaining to prior crimes in which Talukdar was complicit had come to light. As per reports, Shah Alam had illegally occupied the building of an elderly couple for running a school named Excel Academy in Guwahati’s Panjabari.

With regard to this, he had an 11-month contract in place with the elderly couple. The contract was signed in 2019. Alam was required to pay the home’s owner a balance of Rs. 13 lakhs.

It should be noted that on November 21, when Ranjit Bora, the manager of local dairy company Purabi Dairy headed to the bank to deposit money, two bike-borne miscreants arrived and opened fire at him in the Panjabari area in broad daylight and fled with the money.

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