SC Gets 2 More Judges

Guwahati: Rajesh Bindal, the chief justice of the Allahabad High Court and Aravind Kumar, the chief justice of the Gujarat High Court have been chosen by the government as two additional Supreme Court justices, union law minister Kiren Rijiju said on Friday morning.

“As per the provisions under the Constitution of India, honourable President of India has appointed the following Chief Justices of High Courts as Judges of the Supreme Court. My best to them. Rajesh Bindal, Chief Justice, Allahabad HC (and) Aravind Kumar, Chief Justice, Gujarat HC,” Rijiju said in a tweet.

The Supreme Court now has a maximum of 34 justices, including Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud. This comes days after five additional judges were named to the court which was sworn in on Monday.

The five were Justice Pankaj Mithal, Justice Sanjay Karol, Justice PV Sanjay Kumar, Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah and Justice Manoj Misra.

Justice Mithal of the Allahabad High Court is the one with the most experience.

Justice Karol and Justice Mithal were earlier chief justices of the Patna High Court, which also housed Justice Amanullah, and the Rajasthan High Court, respectively. Justice Kumar formerly served as the Manipur High Court’s chief justice.

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