Sibamoni Bora Calls for Defeat of Pradyut Bordoloi by Wide Margin in LS Polls: Congress Leader’s Appeal to Voters

Guwahati, 24th April: In an unexpected twist, Congress leader and MLA Sibamoni Bora stirred controversy during an election rally by inadvertently urging voters to support the defeat of MP Pradyut Bordoloi in the Nagaon Lok Sabha seat. Bora’s statement, seemingly a slip of the tongue, has ignited discussions within political circles, prompting questions about the party’s internal unity and electoral strategy.

Addressing the crowd, Bora’s words rang out, “We will ensure that Congress MP candidate Pradyut Bordoloi loses the election in Nagaon Lok Sabha seat by a significant margin… I urge everyone to press the Congress button on the EVM machine multiple times on April 26 to ensure Bordoloi’s defeat.”

Bora’s statement comes amidst heightened scrutiny of Pradyut Bordoloi’s campaign and public image. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, in a scathing critique, labeled Bordoloi a ‘Suitcase MP’ during an election rally in Juria, Nagaon. Sarma’s remarks painted Bordoloi as an absentee representative, appearing sporadically with a suitcase during election seasons and leaving soon after.

Sarma’s criticism extended to Bordoloi’s demeanor, suggesting a cultural disconnect between the Congress leader and the people of Assam. He remarked on Bordoloi’s appearance and behavior, insinuating that the MP appeared more like an ‘Englishman’ and maintained a distance from interacting with the less privileged, even going as far as to wash his hands with soap after shaking hands with them.

The statements from both Bora and Sarma have added fuel to the already heated electoral atmosphere in Nagaon, setting the stage for intense campaigning and potential shifts in voter sentiments as the election day draws nearer.

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