Sikkim: SDF Condemns Arrest of Dr. Shiv Kumar Timsina, Alleges Selective Enforcement

Northeast Desk, 18th April: The Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) has issued a strong condemnation of the recent arrest of social activist Dr. Shiv Kumar Timsina by the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) government, expressing concerns about the state of law and order in the region.

Dr. Timsina’s arrest, which occurred on April 18, has raised questions about the government’s approach to handling criminal activity and allegations of selective enforcement. Critics argue that the arrest appears to have political motivations, particularly given Dr. Timsina’s affiliation with the SDF party.

The arrest comes amidst heightened tensions following an incident involving the alleged sexual molestation of Mrs. Santi Rai by individuals associated with the SKM party in Rinchenpong on April 15. The SDF press release highlights the lack of arrests in this case, contrasting it with Dr. Timsina’s swift apprehension.

According to the SDF press release, Dr. Timsina’s arrest was prompted by his sharing of a widely circulated picture on social media, a practice engaged in by thousands without facing legal repercussions. The party views this as a concerning instance of targeting social activists for political reasons while allowing criminal behavior to go unchecked.

The SDF emphasizes the need for impartiality and accountability in law enforcement, expressing alarm at what they perceive as a failure of law and order where criminals are emboldened while activists are unjustly targeted.

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