State crime conference held by Assam DGP to discuss long-pending case

Guwahati: The Director General of Police, Assam, the Addl. DGP, ClD, and other senior officers convened a crime conference in order to evaluate the crime situation district-by-district.

All of the districts’ data on case pending, disposition, registration, crime rate, and conviction rates have been analysed. Analysis has also been done on the causes of pendency.

In the conference, the DGP for Assam gave orders to all of the additional superintendents of police in charge of crime from each of the 36 districts and the city commissionerate’s D.C.P. for Crime to concentrate on long-pending cases, cut down on pending cases, and increase the percentage of convictions by helping the public prosecutors with the trial and making sure witnesses are produced on time, among other things.

From this point forward, CID/Police Headquarters will have monthly crime conferences at the state level, while Range ISG and DISG will hold them at the district level.

Underperforming districts will be required to give a presentation outlining why they are performing poorly.

The districts have been ordered to take a second look at any old, undiscovered cases that are still ongoing, work on Man Missing Reports, enlist the help of VDPs to obtain data on crime in rural regions, and finish case investigations within three months.

Moreover, guidelines for the efficient use of scientific tools in investigations and for the digitization of police station data have been released.

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