Students Stage Protest Against DU Ragging Incident

Guwahati: The students at Dibrugarh University in Assam on Monday protested the racial incident that forced a first-semester student to jump from the third floor.

The protesting students have urged that the perpetrators of the tragedy face harsh punishment.

The students held signs that read “say no to ragging” as they staged a protest outside the varsity’s main door.

Meanwhile, Assam education minister Ranoj Pegu has denounced the incident and stated that such actions will not be condoned.

“I strongly condemn the ragging incident in Dibrugarh University where a student has been hurt grievously. Asking Dibrugarh University authority and police to take strong action. We will not tolerate such activities,” Pegu said.

The Assam education minister added: “I am also asking university authorities to be vigilant and take prompt action whenever any attempt of ragging is reported. Ex-students should not be allowed to stay in hostels.”

Notably, a university first-semester student jumped from the third storey of a dormitory building to avoid ragging.

The victim student has been identified as Anand Sarma, a resident of Amguri in Assam.    

Critically injured Anand, is undergoing treatment at Aditya Hospital in Dibrugarh.

Meanwhile, the Dibrugarh Police detained three senior students on Sunday night in relation to the ragging episode.

The students detained in connection with the case have been identified as Simanta Hazarika, Niranjan Thakur and Pranjit Baruah, all resident students of Padmanath Gohain Baruah Students’ Hostel.

“Complaint was filed by parents of Dibrugarh University student, Anand Sarma, pertaining to ragging by five people in a hostel there. Accused Niranjan Thakur was arrested while 3 others were detained. Condition of the injured victim is stable,” informed Dibrugarh SP.  

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