Talatal Ghar might soon get new Attractions

Guwahati: Raijor Dal president and Sibsagar’s legislator, Akhil Gogoi on Tuesday claimed that he is planning to extend his effort on tourism, administrative issues, and agricultural development.

Gogoi in a press briefing said that tourists usually visit Kaziranga and some of them head towards Majuli. But right from there, they head back as it is thought is no place in Sivasagar to visit.

Keeping this in mind the legislator claimed that he wants to make Sivasagar a tourist destination just like Kaziranga and Majuli.

Gogoi citing an example of Shillong said that due to the booming tourism industry in Meghalaya, youth in Meghalaya have better employment opportunities. He claimed that the same should be in Sivasagar and for doing so, he is willing to take several steps.

Akhil Gogoi added that now he is conceptualizing a plan where light and sound will be shown at the Talatal Ghar in the district.

Gogoi claimed that the light and sound show will attract more people to the district and boost tourism.

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