Tunisha Sharma Suicide: Shraddha Murder Case Forced Break Up With Tunisha

Guwahati: The prime suspect in the murder of TV actor Tunisha Sharma, Sheezan Khan is claimed to have informed police that he ended their relationship because he was “so upset by the environment in the country that emerged following the brutal murder of Shraddha Walkar,” according to reports on Monday.

Sheezan told Waliv police on his first day of detention that he broke up with Tunisha because of the fallout from the Shraddha Walkar case and that their age difference and difference in communities prevented them from being together.

Sheezan further disclosed that earlier Tunisha had already attempted suicide after their breakup during questioning. “Tunisha had recently tried to commit suicide a few days before her death, but at that time I saved her and told Tunisha’s mother to take special care of her,” police sources quoted Sheezan as saying.

Sheezan and Tunisha split up a fortnight before she was discovered dead on December 24 on the set of a TV production.

In relation to Tunisha Sharma’s alleged suicide, a Vasai Maharashtra court on Sunday incarcerated actor Sheezan Khan for four days.

Khan was brought before the court by Waliv police following his detention in a suicide case. In accordance with Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code, the case was filed against him.

According to Waliv Police, Tunisha was found dead on the sets of a television serial on December 24. According to the information they were given, the actress went to the restroom during a tea break and when she didn’t return, the cops open the door and found her hanging.

No suicide note was found at the spot by police.

The authorities have said that Tunisha’s suspected extreme action which claimed her life may have been motivated by her split with Sheezan more than a fortnight earlier.

The two performers were in a relationship that ended 15 days ago, according to the First Information Report or FIR of the case. The Mumbai police claimed that Tunisha Sharma was under stress which is thought to be what pushed her over the brink.

According to police reports, Tunisha and Sheezan’s mobile phones have been submitted to a forensic lab so that the calls and chats between the two can be reviewed in order to determine what transpired during their 15-day separation and what ultimately caused Tunisha’s death.

The initial investigation revealed that Tunisha had cheerfully left her home on Saturday morning to go to the serial set.

Sheejan Khan and Tunisha went to lunch as usual after the first shift shot was done while they were both in the makeup room, according to the police.

However, on the day of her death Tunisha skipped lunch and after Sheejan finished eating both of them got to work—Sheezan proceeded to shoot on the set while Tunisha went to the cosmetics area.

People began searching for Tunisha Sharma when she failed to return from her tea break.

The police are currently looking into her suspected suicide’s motivation.

Notably, Vanita Sharma, Tunisha’s mother and other family members have provided police with taped statements.

“Family members are in shock after this incident. Tunisha used to live with her mother in the Indraprastha building on Meera Road. She used to bear all the expenses of the family, but now she is no more. Whoever is the accused should be punished,” Tunisha’s uncle said.

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