UN Chief to take COVID-19 Vaccine publicly, terms it “moral obligation”

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will vaccinate himself publicly asserting that vaccination for him is a “moral obligation” towards the whole community. Antonio Guterres said “Of course, I intend to receive the vaccine when it becomes available for me in whatever the situation that will be justified for that. And, obviously, I will have no doubt in doing it publicly.”

While responding to a question during press conference at the UN Headquarters on whether he would take the COVID vaccine publicly the UN Chief said ““I encourage everybody that has access to the vaccine to be vaccinated, because it is a service, not only that we provide to ourselves. Each one of us being vaccinated provides a service to the whole community because we are no longer spreading… there is no risk of spreading the disease. So, vaccination is for me a moral obligation in relation to all of us.”


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