Union Ministry Sanctions Rs 627.44 Crore for Northeast Infrastructure Development

Guwahati, 12th February: The Union Ministry of Development of North East Region (DONER) has sanctioned a total of Rs 627.44 crore during the current financial year. These funds are allocated under the North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme (NESIDS) for Roads and schemes under the North Eastern Council (NEC), aiming to enhance infrastructure, particularly focusing on inter-state border roads in Assam.

A recent report by DONER reveals that eleven projects worth Rs. 625.34 crore have been sanctioned under NESIDS (Roads) implemented through the North Eastern Council (NEC) in the current financial year (2023-24). Additionally, one project with a cost of Rs. 2.10 crore has been sanctioned under the Schemes of the NEC. For Assam alone, two projects under NEC and seven under NESIDS (Roads) have been selected during this period.

Out of these, two projects in Assam have already been sanctioned under NESIDS (Roads) in the current financial year. These projects include the improvement and widening of the road from Chaygaon to Ukium on the Assam-Meghalaya border (length 22.20 km) with a sanctioned amount of Rs 102.69 crore, and the upgrading of the Interstate Road from Sonapur to Byrnihat in the states of Assam and Meghalaya (length 17.95 km) with a sanctioned cost of Rs 62.24 crore.

Various road improvement and construction projects have also been sanctioned for other Northeastern states, including Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, and Mizoram, focusing on road infrastructure development with allocated funds for each project.

The projects sanctioned for the Northeast in the current financial year are currently at a preparatory stage, indicating the government’s commitment to enhancing the region’s infrastructure. This funding is expected to play a crucial role in improving connectivity and promoting economic development in the Northeastern states.

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