Victor Das Granted Bail in Domestic Violence Case In Guwahati

Guwahati: Victor Das was on Saturday granted bail in a domestic violence case brought by his wife.

Victor Das was just arrested once more in Guwahati on Saturday in a separate case.

Reports claim that he was taken into custody after his wife reported him for allegedly using domestic violence at the Goshala Police station in Maligaon.

His wife said that he physically abused her at her parental home in Jayanagar.

His wife reported the incident to the police after it happened.

He was given bail in the meanwhile for the domestic abuse case.

It should be noted that this is the second time the police have arrested Victor Das.

He was previously arrested for allegedly distributing fake information on social media about irregularities in the recruitment exams for grades III and IV that were held in the months of August and September in 2022.

He said that there had been corruption during the hiring process for multiple grade-III and grade-IV positions in different state government agencies.

He had been ordered to remain in judicial custody for nine days. He was questioned by police for several days before they notified them that Das was unable to back up his assertions with any convincing evidence.

The judge accepted his request for interim bail while he was still in police custody.

Later in September, the Gauhati High Court cleared him of all charges after Victor Das had been arrested by the police for allegedly citing irregularities in a recent recruiting procedure in Assam.

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