West Bengal CM: BJP’s Elected Representatives ‘Seasonal Birds’

Guwahati: Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee on Friday referred to the elected public representatives of the BJP in West Bengal as “seasonal birds” who “vanish” after being elected while speaking at the administrative review meeting in the Bankura district of West Bengal.

The Chief Minister said, “Both the Lok Sabha seats in Bankura and eight of the 12 Assembly seats in the district are held by the BJP. But none of the elected representatives of the party has taken any initiative for the development of the district. There has been no development in Bankura. They are like seasonal birds who come at the time of elections and vanish after getting elected.”

She added that the Minister and MLAs had pledged to give Ujala Gas ahead of the election. However, nobody among the occupants has received the same. Instead, after the elections were finished, they increased the cost of necessities.

Despite having inadequate financial resources, Banerjee’s government has declared an additional 3 percent Dearness Allowance underscoring the ongoing anguish of the State Government.

Banerjee said“I am not a magician. I have to arrange funds. We are also facing constant reluctance of the Union government in releasing our legitimate dues.”

BJP MLA from Bankura Assembly constituency, Niladri Sekhar Jana reacted to Mamata’s statement and said, “The District Magistrate is holding over all the development projects proposed by our elected representatives. I feel he is following the Chief Minister’s instruction. But I am happy that the Chief Minister has admitted that her party lacks support in the district.”

In addition to all the chatter, the beneficiaries of the event received perks related to several state government programmes.

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