Women Vendors Protest to Demand Resolution of Manipur Conflict

Northeast Desk, 24th June: In a powerful display of unity and determination, women vendors from Khwairamband Ima Market staged a protest rally and sit-in, urging for an immediate resolution to the year-long conflict in Manipur. Organized by the Khwairamband Ima Market Joint Coordinating Committee for Peace, the protest emphasized the need for the Manipur crisis to be discussed during the ongoing Lok Sabha session.

The aggrieved vendors began their rally from the market with the aim of meeting the Chief Minister and Governor of Manipur. However, they were halted by security forces near M-Sector, approximately 1 km from the Chief Minister’s bungalow. Undeterred, the protesters returned to the market premises to continue their sit-in demonstration.

The key demands of the protest include an end to the violence, rejection of separate administrative divisions, and protection for village volunteers who have been defending against Kuki militants since the onset of the crisis.

Huirem Binodini, Co-Convenor of the committee, stressed the importance of addressing the Manipur crisis in the Lok Sabha. She urged the central government to prioritize resolving the conflict through democratic means, emphasizing that Manipur’s issues deserve urgent attention as part of India.

“The people of Manipur are aware of the central government’s support for the Kuki people,” Binodini stated. She called for government neutrality to end the violence and urged state leaders to actively engage with central authorities by presenting the true situation of the ongoing crisis.

In a stark warning, Binodini suggested that the people of Manipur might demand separation from India if the conflict is not resolved promptly. The protest highlighted the deep frustration and urgency felt by the local community as they seek peace and stability in their region.

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