World Hearing Day : Science gave ways that prevent hearing loss

In keeping with the theme of this year’s celebration on World Hearing Day, which is ‘Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate’, why not take a moment and ‘communicate’ ideas about how to create a healthy, disease free ear. Held every year on March 3, the World Hearing Day is a day meant to commemorate the power of hearing, spread the message to take timely action to protect auditory nerves, and adopt preventive measures.

On this day, let’s pledge to do our part in raising awareness by making a note of the Science-backed ways that prevent hearing loss .Pay heed to these ways to promote better auditory health .Predominantly it is due to age and noise, that hearing loss occurs.

i. Scientific studies have revealed that if one feels burdened by the fact he/she is ageing, then, it hampers emotional well-being, quality of life and the ability to hear might get negatively impacted. Emotional and physical aspects feed off each other. So, practice positivity in life to stay healthy.

ii.Other than age, it is usually the extremely loud noise that poses threat and leads to hearing impairment. Listening to music in high volume on personal devices, always with earphones tucked in ear lobes, music at clubs, from motor bikes, constant honking, factory sounds and blaring speakers -being subjected to the din jeopardize our hearing capacity, massively. So avoid too much noise.

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iii. Smoking: ‘Smoking kills’ is simply not meant specifically for your lungs only. Smoking affects overall wellness .It is associated with higher danger of turning deaf, hence.

iv. Opt for noise cancellation gadgets:

Both of these help reduce sound by 15-30 decibels.

v. Go for regular, timely ear check-ups.

vi. Check for drugs that can damage hearing impairment. For instance, high doses of aspirin, antibiotics can harm ears. Get yourself a thorough doctor who would be able to prescribe the right medicines for you, to avoid onset of deafness.

vii. Be easy on your ears. Get them cleaned gently, timely. Use an open-at-home irrigation kit. They will soften the wax and help you get rid of it in a better and healthy manner.

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