Assam: 15 kg Tumor Successfully Removed in Goalpara District

Guwahati, 27th May: In a landmark medical achievement for Goalpara district, Hiranyabh Rabha Memorial Hospital and Recharge Institute Private Limited in Dudhnoi successfully performed surgery to remove a 15 kg tumor, marking the first successful operation of its kind in the region.

Dr. Jayakanta Rabha led the surgical team that operated on a 66-year-old woman who had been suffering from the tumor. Despite seeking help from various hospitals, no doctor had been able to provide an effective treatment. Recently, a doctor in Goalpara suspected the tumor might be cancerous and advised the patient to seek further treatment in Guwahati.

The patient’s family then approached Hiranyabh Nursing Home in Dudhnoi, where Dr. Rabha conducted a thorough examination. Tests revealed that the tumor was not cancerous but large in size. Dr. Rabha, along with a team of three doctors and nurses, successfully removed the tumor in a 45-minute surgery.

The patient’s family expressed immense satisfaction and gratitude for the successful operation, noting that the woman had been ill for 35-36 years. The successful surgery has brought joy and relief to both the patient’s relatives and the medical staff at the hospital.

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